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How important is the Project Outcome?

How often does the input of a project seem correct but the output totally incorrect? Success is in the outcome not the details. #OSItTips

No shortcuts when attempting to bear good Fruit!

Is reducing your recruitment costs bearing you good fruit?

Hunter or Prey?

Are you a hunter or are you being hunted?

IT focused or Business focused?

What conversation is your IT Team having? #OSItTips

Shift Your Style of Recruiting

Are you maximizing your companies’ recruitment brand?

Nervous about a job interview?

Some interviews could give you the feeling of riding a roller coaster for the first time, but the key is to remain calm and collective and keep your eye on the prize. #OsJobTips.

Attracting the Next Generation

Some tips on attracting the new generation IT professionals.

Blabbering Too Much about Your Organization?

Are you trying to oversell your company to your potential candidates? #OSHrTips

Are you the better or best solution?

As a job seeker are you putting your best foot forward as the better choice? #OSEmpTips

IT Leaders must articulate….

Great Communication is a fundamental skill needed to be an exceptional IT Leader. #OSTechTips